Information Management Monday, Jan 15 2007 

Information Management (IM) has been a very important element for a Technical Writer and no doubt it has impressed me by showing the two sides of it in my  short career so far. So, in this topic I want to light my focus on the different aspects of IM, its various shapes, advantages, and its role in the Documentation Process. Let me pen the above points on my own words depending on the level of experience that I have gone through which I hope can help my fellow peers in this community.

What is IM?

As the name indicates, it is an effective means or way to grab, protect, and maintain information to produce simple, up-to-date, and quality documents.

Why IM?

  1. To get track of product’s different phases,
  2. To get updated with the latest picture of the product,
  3. To ease the information retrieval process,
  4. To ease the product  learning process


  1. Through Version control tools
  2. Through documents
  3. Through training recordings

To conclude,

Information  Mapping is a result of proper mutual understanding where both parties must be active in terms of their contribution. It should be a process where “not my job” / “should have been done by the other” / “did not know” approaches never become a hindrance.


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